United States of Microbrews

We have a goal: to sample a microbrew from each state.

Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Bomb!

Some girls want chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day. My husband knows that specialty beer is much more my style and he was able to track down this highly sought beer for me.

This is an Imperial Stout aged on coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and chili peppers. This stuff pours like used motor oil—thick and dark. I don’t eat chocolate, but did enjoy this strong brew. It is what I imagine great chocolate tastes like. I completely understand why this beer has such a cult following.

microbrew craft beer oklahoma prairie artisan ales

Zipline India Red Ale

A smooth, yet hoppy, Spring seasonal makes a nice transitional beer as the weather changes from frigid to almost warm. Even though Zipline has barely been on the shelves a year, this seasonal hit shows off the skill of the crew to make complex, yet non-intimidating, brews.

microbrew craft beer nebraska ira

Deschutes Jubelale 2013


After finding one lone six-pack of this seasonal ale, it seemed like it was a must try. It is a beautiful rich reddish brown color. The flavors are a great combination of creamy maltiness layered with bright hoppiness. It was a wonderful drink to sip on a frigid winter night.

microbrew craft beer oregon seasonal

Hopped Up Goose Juice


In light of OSU putting the smack down on my Huskers in basketball, I decided to tip my hat to the Buckeye state by trying what I believe to be my first beer brewed in Ohio. Based on this one, there will be many more tried.

microbrew craft beer ohio Rye IPA